About Us

Mission Statement:

Team Takeover (DC) Youth Organization is an organization that is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of athletes, ages 8-18. Utilizing the rigors of athletic competition, our aim is to improve athletic and academic skills, while enhancing important life skills such as self-discipline, positive relationship building, attention to detail and good sportsmanship. Participants within our program play year round in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Grassroots Basketball of America (GBOA), and national and regional leagues and tournaments; to ensure that we develop well-rounded youth athletes, we provide ambitious programs of academic enrichment and community service.

The Journey (2005-present):

With success, oftentimes expansion, opportunity and/or change is sure to follow. As the high school division grew, it became apparent that it was time to amicably part ways. This separation spawned the second chapter, the beginning of a new entity, ranging from 17U through 8U. Team Takeover presented by Nike was born….with a chip on its shoulder….vision in its eyes….a sense of purpose on its mind. “It has begun”……